Beyond Addiction

This course is designed for individuals seeking to develop healthy habits and overcome addictive behaviour, for health professionals who work with addiction and for certified yoga teachers who would like to teach a yoga-based addiction recovery program. The course outlines a four or five weekend or 16 week recovery program which includes Kundalini Yoga, breathing techniques, meditation, relaxation, self-reflection, lifestyle and dietary guidelines, stress management, hydrotherapy, naturopathic detoxification and nutritional and herbal supplementation for neurotransmitter and glandular balance.

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Course Outline

Course Content

This course is designed for individuals seeking to overcome addictive behaviour, for health professionals who work with addiction and for certified yoga teachers who would like to teach a yoga-based addiction recovery program.

The course outlines a 16 week recovery program which includes Kundalini Yoga, breathing techniques, meditation, relaxation, self-reflection, lifestyle and dietary guidelines, stress management, hydrotherapy, naturopathic detoxification and nutritional and herbal supplementation for neurotransmitter and glandular balance.

The program can be taught weekly or over four to five weekends.

Overview of Content of the Sixteen Module Program:

Module One
Session One: I am a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience.

  • Experiencing that God Exists Within. Breathing exercises to facilitate left/right brain integration and to activate the parasympathetic nervous system. Yoga exercises to develop flexibility in the spine, energize the chakras, and balance the first three chakras, which govern the instincts. Meditations to break habit patterns and to tap into guidance from the universal energy field. Meditation to link the finite self with the Infinite Self.
  • Simple techniques for cleansing the colon.

Session Two: I Live by My Values and Develop My Virtues.

  • Discussion about the effects of stress and how to manage stress. Discussion of the importance of developing the frontal lobe of the brain to decrease addictive behaviour. Exploration of values and virtues and discussion about commitment and action to uphold values and virtues. Breathing techniques to balance the glands, energize and detoxify. Yoga exercises to activate the frontal lobe of the brain. Meditation to clean out drug residues from the base of the brain.
  • Guidelines for establishing healthy bowel flora, and discussion about the importance and function of the bowel flora.

Session Three: I Practice a Yogic Lifestyle to Free Me from My Past and Access Wisdom.

  • Discussion of our True Identity vs, our False Identity/Mask. Techniques to release the past, open to the future. Exercise to strengthen the nervous system and redirect sexual energy to the higher energy centres. Yoga exercises to strengthen the kidneys, release fear, and induce relaxation. Meditation to break addictive patterns. Meditation to remove painful memories and clear emotions of the past. Breathing exercise to strengthen one’s magnetic field and decrease susceptibility to disease.
  • Simple techniques for cleansing and rejuvenating the kidneys.

Session Four: Act, Don’t React: I Take Control Over My Reactions to People and Events. I Gracefully Receive the Energy of the Divine Floating Around Me.

  • Understanding cause and effect. Developing one’s neutral mind to act consciously, rather than react habitually. Training the mind to serve the soul through yoga and meditation. Tracking the arising of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and desires and developing the ability to witness them and practice discernment before action. Breathing practice to decrease anger, develop calmness. Yoga to balance the hemispheres of the brain and eliminate subconscious memories. Yoga to build oneself to act, not react. Meditations to develop emotional balance and to stop unwanted thought patterns.
  • Simple dietary and herbal cleanses and nutritional supplements to detoxify and regenerate the liver.

Module Two

Session Five: Happiness is My Birthright. I Clear My Subconscious to Become Neutral. Through Commitment, Discipline and the Power to Sacrifice, I Achieve Happiness.

  • Discussion of values and virtues as being the foundation for the seven steps to happiness. Importance of commitment, discipline and service in the development of lasting happiness. Breathing meditation to develop a neutral mind that can easily make decisions based on inner knowing. Yoga for expanding and cleansing the lungs and developing a strong magnetic field and presence. Meditations to dispel inner anger and develop neutrality. Yoga and meditations to open and balance the heart chakra.
  • Cleansing practices, foods and herbs for the lungs. Guidelines for smoking cessation.

Session Six: I Communicate from My True Self

  • Practicing conscious communication – being aware of from which chakra you are projecting and to which centre in the listener. Develop the ability to communicate from your Original Self and deliver to the heart centre of another, with subtlety. Meditations for effective communication, for thinking before you speak, and to develop the power of expression. Yoga to develop intuition and improve communication. Yoga for the total Self.
  • Cleansing practices, herbs and homeopathic formulas for the lymphatic system. The practical science behind cold showers.

Session Seven: I Create My Habits; My Habits Create Me. I Promote Habits that Serve My Divinity

  • Understanding habits; how they are formed; how they are broken. The importance of commitment, discipline, positive reinforcement and group support in maintaining healthy habits. An overview of a detoxification diet. Examining our conscious and unconscious habits. Learning new habits – how to get up in the morning; how best to go to sleep; how to develop healthy thought patterns. Importance of a daily practice of yoga and meditation, known as Sadhana. Examining one’s projection – how we present ourselves to the world, and how to consciously create our projection through our manners, personal grooming and dress. Breathing exercise to regulate our biological rhythms. Meditations to break habit patterns and develop discipline. Yoga sets for detoxification and for easing into sleep.
  • Dietary and eating guidelines for improving digestion and optimizing function of the stomach and pancreas.

Session Eight: I Choose Dharma Over Karma.

  • Understanding the concepts of dharma and karma. The power of choice – to align with one’s higher self rather than act unconsciously. Meditations to rise above karma and connect with an infinite source of energy. Meditation to improve communication between the hemispheres of the brain. Yoga to cleanse the spleen.
  • Cleansing foods, herbs and homeopathic formulas for the spleen.

Module Three

Session Nine: I Replace Addiction with Reliance on the Self (God Within). I Compassionately Re-parent Myself.

  • Discussion of all addictions as displaced spiritual longing – the desire to experience and unite with one’s True Self. Definition and components of Self-Reliance. Examples of how each of us can be more Self-Reliant. Exploration of ways in which we can re-parent ourselves in a healthy manner. Meditations for inner assessment and self-control. Yoga for developing intuition, strength and Self-Reliance.
  • Cleansing foods, juices and lifestyle practices for the skin

Session Ten: In Shifting My Perspective on the Past, I Embrace the Present

  • Identification of our values, gifts, talents. Revisiting our history and seeing its role in developing our values, skills, talents. Retelling our stories from a different perspective to gain a new interpretation of our past. Using the gifts, talents, lessons learned from the past in an effective way in the present. Breathing exercises for self-renewal and for the parasympathetic nervous system. Yoga for the nervous system, glandular system and to synchronize and balance the brain. Meditations to create contentment, conquer one’s imagined disabilities and make the impossible possible.
  • Foods, herbs, nutrients and lifestyle practices to strengthen the nervous system.

Session Eleven: I Change My Attitude into a State of Gratitude. I am a Liberated Being.

  • Developing an attitude of gratitude. Defining four aspects of a liberated being, and moving towards manifesting them. Breathing exercises for developing inner beauty and strong nerves. Yoga to strengthen the nervous system. Meditations to recognize one’s Infinite Self and for nervous system strength.
  • Continue to focus on foods, herbs, nutrients and lifestyle practices to strengthen the nervous system.

Session Twelve: I Am Responsible and Accountable to MySelf, I am Responsible and Accountable to Others

  • Tracking the ways we spend our time. Allocating time to areas in our lives that have been neglected or that we want to develop, such as creativity, intellectual pursuits, family. Identification of others in our lives (known and unknown) to whom we are responsible, and what we can do for them. Responsibility to the planet. The importance of conscious community – who are the people we want to spend time with who support our spiritual identity? Strategies to build conscious community for ourselves. Breathing and yoga exercises to cleanse the blood, improve our mental outlook, and for self-cleansing and disease prevention. Yoga to combat depression and synchronize the brain.
  • Foods, herbs and lifestyle practices to cleanse the blood. Exploration of the combined role of the liver, kidney, spleen, digestive and immune systems in cleansing the blood.

Module Four

Session Thirteen: I Forgive Myself and Those Who Have Hurt Me; I Acknowledge My Errors in Hurting Others

  • Understanding the power of prayer, and the types of prayer. Develop the habit of heartfelt prayer. Discussion and exercise in forgiveness – of God, oneself, and others. Developing and deepening an attitude of gratitude. Breathing exercises and yoga to strengthen our arc-line and aura – the protective intuitive shield that surrounds our body and composes our electromagnetic field, connected to the universal magnetic field. Meditations to perfect the power of prayer and connect us more strongly to the universal magnetic field.
  • Discussion and exploration of the arc-line and aura and exercises to cleanse and expand them.

Session Fourteen: I am Born with a Mission and a Magnitude. I Co-Create My Future with God

  • Develop our ability to listen to our inner guidance, to have the courage and discipline to obey, and to fulfill the promise of our unique destiny. When we recognize the divine within us, we more easily tune into and accept that destiny, and are supported in its manifestation. Breathing exercises and meditations to help us connect to our destiny, to align our will with Divine Will. Yoga for balancing the glands, and awakening the 5th, 6th and 7th chakras. Yoga for the adrenal glands and nervous system.
  • Focus on cleansing the glandular system and understanding the link between intuition, awareness and the health of the pituitary and pineal glands.

Session Fifteen: As I Keep Up, I’ll Be Kept Up

  • Exploration of the inner Guru (teacher) and the Shabd Guru. Using the Divine Word or Shabd Guru as teacher and as spiritual therapy. Examples of Shabd Guru from various spiritual traditions. Exploration of the prayer, Japji Sahib, and of the use of recitation of prayer to retune or redirect the mind. Taking a look at attitudes and symptoms that signal relapse. Establishing a list of personal warning signs that can be recognized in advance to prevent relapse. Meditations to overcome all obstacles, avoid fate and to bless others. Yoga for improved flexibility of the spine, and for the navel chakra. Meditations to open the higher centres.
  • Cleansing and careful consideration of our thoughts and words – developing conscious speech with an understanding of the power of the word.

Session Sixteen: In Serving Others I Serve MySelf and God

  • Healing through Seva (Selfless Service). Recognizing that the other person is also you. Developing an awareness of others and a desire to assist them, rather than excessive self-absorption. Tool kit for relapse prevention and recovery success. Meditations to enter an ecstatic state, and to bless ourselves and elevate others. Yoga for inner strength and to develop the power to sacrifice.
  • Dedicating our actions to our higher self, God, or others. Recognize Divinity within everyone and serve that divinity without any thought of reward.



"This program can truly shift addictive behaviour - but nothing will work if you are not willing to work - so a willingness to shift and Sat Dharam's program is a life changing combination. Sat Dharam really hears each one of us. She goes deep - way beyond the surface - in a way the others don't - she really understands." - AD

"You need to be ready and willing to look in your closet. Great preparation to doing your fourth step!" - HS

"This course will increase your knowledge and show you 'how to run your life'" - AN

"Awesome experience. Terrific skill building program including leadership skills." - RS

"[This course] has made me feel alive again, strengthened my life force, as well as strengthening my mind. It has given me practical tools to help me live my life consciously, living in accordance with my Dharma." - JM

“This course gave me a sense of purpose, direction and light in my life. It gave me hope when I was hopeless and lifelong tools I can use to live by and continue growing to become a better person and to want to keep living. It has awakened the desire in me to live a pure, chemical-free life. The most valuable thing is knowing that Kundalini Yoga is out there and how powerful and life-changing it can be.” - IM

“The course made me aware of how dangerous self-neglect can be and the meditations created inner peace” - SM

“This course is an amazing body of work. I loved the group sharing, yoga sets, meditations, depth of information and dialogue. It helped me to achieve direction, discipline and gave me many tools to work with cravings and emotional responses. I dropped much of my food addictions and appreciated the kindness, understanding and compassion shown to all members of the group.” - SD

“I found the meditations to be very powerful and the personal and group exercises very deeply transformative. I was able to shed many of my addictive patterns, many of which I thought I would never be able to shift. I completely got rid of my deepest addiction. I can’t believe how far I’ve come. This course has brought changes within myself that I never dreamed possible. I am a new person, happier, healthier and full of the joy for life that I thought was gone forever.” - AM

“I really loved doing the yoga with the meditations and breath work. I enjoyed hearing people’s responses in the sharing circle and taking the recommended vitamins as well as practicing the yoga has created a real shift in me.” - DF

“I loved the growth, the unconditional space and the beautiful people in the course. It has changed my whole life and given me a path to follow towards my destiny. I have quit smoking cigarettes, pot and cut down significantly on sugar and alcohol. The course provides tools for great transformation. All that is needed to do is to use them!” - KC

“The course uplifted me and gave me better coping skills. I have less desire for toxic substances and greater desire for purity of thought, speech and action. I stopped drinking coffee and my breathing is better. The course helped me reconnect to my true aspirations and to realize my true nature, while decreasing my attachment and desire to what is not my truth.” - SG

“The course was very informative, encouraging, comprehensive, therapeutic and well delivered. It improved my mental clarity, balance, coping skills and brought me neutrality and practical skills to use in dealing with codependency issues as well as addictions.” - ST

“I enjoyed the course completely. It increased my awareness, spiritual discipline and practice, helped me notice the sneaky underlying patterns that don’t serve my highest good and greatly supported me in giving up addictions. I learned how to take back control of my life and loved the balance between mental and physical exercises and the combination of chanting, meditation and yoga.” - AS

"[This course] gave me tools that gave me hope, put me on a better path, and stabilized my psyche." - ON

"[This course] is helping with the reduction of some addictive thinking patterns and inviting more personal responsibility in the face of interpersonal challenges." - YM

“Kundalini Yoga releases energy and circulates it through the body by increasing the circulation of the blood, lymphatic system and other bodily fluids. I must say it’s one of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had. It’s also one of the most difficult as the breathing and postures can be extremely challenging. Pushing the boundaries on tolerance is part of the program. It’s designed to build stamina and the inner belief in your innate abilities to overcome life’s struggles. It’s quite something to experience the sensations of kundalini energy spiraling up your spine after all the hard work - well worth the effort!” - KS

“The specific exercises (kriyas) for good sleep, muscle building, cleansing the liver and internal organs and improved communication have helped me feel like a completely new woman. I feel stronger, more in control of my mind, body and emotions and a renewed sense of spirituality, balance and serenity.” - KS

“Having tried various pharmaceutical and alternative healing methods (including Ayurveda and naturopathy) to overcome my Marijuana habit, I came to the Beyond Addiction class looking for strength to quit and get my life back. Many people say that you cannot get addicted to Marijuana, but I am an example that you definitely can - whether it is on a psychological or physical level, addictions to anything leave you drained and in pieces, unable to function fully, find happiness and feel peace on your own. I came to the course uncertain about what to expect and unsure about how this could help me to quit. 10 weeks later, I am a changed person. Through the group discussions and advice, keeping journals of my behaviour and eating habits, and of course doing the amazing Kundalini yoga, I was able to realize where my own thoughts and behaviours were harming me, and was able to build the strength and courage to quit. Now, whenever I feel the urge to smoke, I have a whole 'tool box' of ways I can redirect my cravings and urges to make healthier and more empowering choices. Today, I am free of my addiction and am a stronger, happier, healthier and more whole person - something I thought was never possible.” - BK

“Regularly engaging in the practice of kundalini yoga has increased my body strength and flexibility. Also, however, I feel the releasing of tension in my body that has been with me for decades while doing some of the exercises, including chronic back pain that drove me to drink, and I leave the class and feel my skin tingling for hours afterward!--experiences that I've never felt before.” - JR

“I have found that my cravings for substances have reduced: I have little desire to smoke cigarettes; I find myself not seeking out marihuana and my desire to consume alcohol is lessened as well. I joined the course midway through and have only been doing it for a month. I'm truly excited with the results and have now started practicing daily. Already, kundalini yoga has changed my life and I look forward to future benefits as well.” - AP

“I now tell everyone who will listen about kundalini yoga. It is the most powerful physical therapy I have ever encountered in my forty-eight years--and I have tried many in past efforts to solve my various problems.” - ST

“Thanks to you and your addictions program, I am finally sober. And with this clarity, and renewed gratitude for this gift of life, comes the startling truth that I have no financial resources, no nest egg, no savings, no credit card, no RRSP's, no mortgage, and I am not far off the 50 year old mark!
By the grace of God, I met You, and the Kundalini community, and I was given a textbook that has changed my life.“ - TJ

"The Beyond Addiction Kundalini Course brought light back into my life, and gave me hope when I was hopeless and life-long tools I can use to live by and continue growing with to become a better person and want to live." - IM

"This course has brought about changes within myself that I never dreamed possible. I am a new person: happier, healthier, and full of the joy for life that I thought was gone forever." - CM

"This course provides the tools for great transformation. All you need to do is use them!" - KC


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